Solar pv & battery storage

Solar pv and battery storage

Solar PV installation in glasgow

Logan Installations can provide solar PV solutions to your home, business, social housing or new build sites nationwide. Our portfolio is UK wide

Highly experienced in what we do, we install solar PV in Glasgow and the surrounding regions of Scotland EVERY DAY!!!

With the big 6 energy companies increasing costs, the uncertainty of Brexit looming, and the Feed In Tariff still available under the government grant scheme, there's no better time to have solar PV installed. Reduce your monthly outgoings on your energy bills and make money from the Feed In Tariff while contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

We can maintain and upgrade under-performing solar PV systems, here we would suggest upgrading the system with a solar edge inverter with power optimisers to maximise solar generation. You keep your original panels and the system is "battery ready" if you decide to add battery storage for your PV system in future.

We are committed to reducing fuel poverty in Scotland by installing renewable technologies - see the Energy Saving Trust website to see if you qualify for a grant.

Contact us today to generate your clean, green, free electricity installed by our expert team.

Solar power Battery storage

If you have solar panels installed, you have already achieved a good measure of independence from your utility provider. Now you can increase this greatly by installing a battery storage system to complement your solar panels, increasing on-site self-consumption by up to 80%.

Free clean, green electricity is attractive, now we can store the generated electricity from your solar PV system to be used at night when the sun goes down.

We see battery storage as the future in our energy requirements, get in touch now for more information on products available to yourself from a market leader in this technology.

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